Jon Parrot's Solo CD

15 years old, I saw the Beatles live. John, Paul, George, and Ringo, they changed my life. Music became my passion. The Stones, Kinks, Animals, Zep, Doors, Cream, Hendrix. God we had the greatest music when I was growing up.

Melbourne Art Show
I played in bands all my life. Had a couple of real shots and always blew them in some Technicolor meltdown. I think they saved my life because I would have probably been another one of those statistics.

All my life I dreamed of being able to play my music in front of people and now at the age of 55, I finally have my first cd out. You just can’t quit. I have a song on my next cd, that I wrote in 1971, called “Persistence and Patience” and it has been my mantra for the last 35 years. You gotta keep trying, you gotta keep trying.

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