About Jon Parrot

Since the release of his “40 Years” CD, Jon has been rockin’ the Florida Space Coast with one man acoustic show. He is currently one of the busiest entertainers in Brevard County with eight or more gigs a week, often performing at two different venues in one day. His many years of experience as a professional musician and singer have given him the ability to charm audiences of all ages. This has made Jon a regular favorite at many of the popular beach clubs and restaurants which cater to both tourists and locals. Even with such a busy schedule, Jon Parrot can be seen jamming in between gigs or after hours at any of the open mic sessions in the area. He loves to sing and play, and never misses a chance to sit in with a band of just to pick up an acoustic guitar and do a song. People don’t realize that Jon often improvises new songs on the spot. You never know when you could be hearing the beginning a new song from a yet unreleased CD.

What is your favorite Jon Parrot gig?